Water Quality Data Search

This is an on-line search of water quality data generated by the DNR Environmental Services Program and other organizations whose data is used by DNR. The database can be searched in several ways. The easiest may be to initially search by waterbody name and/or county. Remember that some names may be shared by several different bodies of water. For example, there are many Cedar Creeks and Brushy Creeks in Missouri. To make sure you select the correct one, choose both a waterbody name and a county. Once you have found that data in this manner, you may wish to narrow your search by specifying a media type (water, sediment, tissue) and/or a specific location (site code). For example, search first for "Brushy Creek" and "Pettis County". In viewing the resulting data, you decide you are only interested in water data at the Cloney Road site. Choose "water" as the media type and "859/0.83" as the site code.